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silence in the subway chapter 10

Wow.. I don't think i updated this fic on this site regularly. So I thought let's just do it now.. My fic is almost done. only chapter 11 has to be posted and then it's done. It feels so weird that it's almost finished. Actually it is already finsihed cause I already have written chapter 11 but I won't post the last chapter yet. First enjoy chapter 10

Silence in the Subway.
Author: you-puzzle-me
Pairing: Pikame
Characters: Kame, Jin, Junno, Yamapi, Ryo, Tackey and mentioning of other characters like Massu.
Rating: PG for now.. Probably will get higher.
Genre: AU friendship, love, romance
Disclaimer: Too bad I don’t own them.
Author’s Notes: Wow one my first chaptered fics. I hope I will be able to continue it!
Summary: Kamenashi Kazuya’s days are always the same. He would get up in the morning, go to work and go back in the evening. He was in a slump and hoped that it would change someday.
Warning: Death of character. Not one of the main characters

(Chapter 1)
(Chapter 2)
(Chapter 3)
(Chapter 4)
(Chapter 5)
(Chapter 6)
(Chapter 7)
(Chapter 8)
(Chapter 9)
(Chapter 10)
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